5 Things That Make A PG Different From Others

You can find multiple advertisements reinforcing the same old qualities of a PG. These qualities include ideal location, good transport system, security, spacious rooms, the facility of AC and the option of getting a room for yourself or sharing it according to your budget. These things are essential and very important for ensuring a comfortable stay and nobody will deny that fact. These are the things that every student or working professional will consider before finalizing a PG. Over the years, we have been forced to think that these are luxuries while they are not and consequently, we don’t seek or ask anything more than these basic facilities.

The times have changed and new PGs are emerging at every corner of the various cities. All of these PGs offer the same basic facilities and it is becoming a crowd. Some of these accommodation buildings have adopted the strategy of offering extra facilities, little but important things that make a PG more habitable and comfortable. These things serve as a cherry on the cake and are attracting students from different backgrounds. Let’s take a look at these luxurious facilities that make these PGs different from the crowd:

High-Speed Internet – To be honest, it is impossible to survive without the internet in today’s day and age. When it comes to the young generation, it becomes even more integral to their lives. This quality is so important that it is almost becoming a basic facility.
Greenery – Cities are becoming more and more polluted, and everyone wants to find a place where they don’t have to be concerned about it. Many PGs are using variety of plants to make their facility greener and better.
Fridge For Storing Personal Eatables – Usually, there are one or two fridges in the entire PG to store the essentials but some facilities are now offering a fridge for every floor so that habitats can store their personal treats without any hassle or bargain.
Variety In Food And Water From ROs – Students coming away from home miss the food of their homes. PGs that offer a variety of cuisines and dishes are known to attract more people. Clean water of ROs is also an important factor.
Geyser – We don’t even need to dwell on this point as everybody knows its importance and it is surprisingly ignored at many places. This is the final touch for making someone feel invited and comfortable.

Wonderful Experience But Boarding a Nile Cruise Is a Life-Changing Experience

There are different Nile cruises available according to the availability and dates of travelling of the tourists. Some are for three days while other go as long as a week. Taking a Nile Cruise is not just a vacation, but a tour with history along with a dash of luxury.

Everything you need to know about Nile Cruises

Route of Nile Cruise

Nile Cruise usually operates between Luxor and Aswan having multiple stops in between. A short journey is converted into a long one by adding more stops during the sailing. Usually the stops are between temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna. For a longer journey, the cruise halts at Dendera and Abydos and later continues the standard route.

Best time to take the Nile cruise

The best time to take the cruise is between November and March. The weather is slightly colder but a pleasant one. Due to high demand, the prices are usually on the higher side but the experience is worth it. While May to September is a low season due to excessive heat, but the prices are dropped.

How to reach the cruise

There are number of domestic and international flights that fly till the south of Egypt. Other than that, it is highly recommended to use domestic flights till cities like Luxor and Aswan and then take the local transport till the cruise destination. There are coaches available as well, but flights have always been a safer and less time consuming option.

Meals on the boat

There are usually two types of plans available for the tourists: one is where all meals are available in a buffet style, at fixed time. The menu varies but the time is fixed. Another type is where the all meals, including beverages are served which includes local alcohol. Usually the latter package is available with the cruise which happens for a week.

Check-in and Check-out time

For all Nile cruises, the check-in time is 11:00AM. They cruise staff provides the tourists an option of leaving the luggage on the boat and exploring the nearby cities. By the time the tourist arrives, the cabin is ready with the luggage placed there.

The check-out time is usually 8AM post breakfast. This leaves the tourist to visit nearby famous tourist spots before leaving if the flights are scheduled late in the evening.

Dresses to wear during the holiday

It is recommended to wear soft fabric clothes that are breathable during the day while the nights can be a little chilly so warm clothes can be needed. During the stops, it is best to wear modest clothes while in the cruise it is acceptable to wear shorts or swim suits.

3 Steps for Accountants to Balance Work and Home Life

Accounting practice is on a progress march, and while the hot topic of conversation is to work towards the complex advisory path, it might not be a suitable option for everyone. Embracing cloud technology has already turned the accounting landscape over its head, and has proven to be a performance booster. The popular use of smart accounting processes, like QuickBooks hosting solutions, has improved collaboration among team members.

While it is important to embrace the change and grab the opportunity to be successful on this path, your success is not defined only by your advisory journey. Identifying your strengths and working to add value to the community with your services is an essential task. Also, you might have found a specialization for you that has a potential to grow, even if its local. If you are comfortable with your current scenario, then it is great.

Work smarter, not harder – that is the key to improve your practice. No need to add on to your already piling workload this tax season if it will not help you professionally. Although cloud accounting and the ease of internet has made work more manageable, here are few steps to achieve the much coveted work-life balance.

1. Find an expertise

While it is good to be the “Jack of all trades, master of none”, it is not very practical in the accounting landscape. Yes, it is a lucrative idea to offer all kinds of services, but becoming an expert in one field and making your name for it offers another opportunity. Select one (or two) complex services to make your specialty and advise your clients on.

Many firms offer to do your taxes in the tax season — they promise to help save your money for a price. And, their marketing strategies to reach the target audience through radio and internet are taking the cake. Management is easier with cloud based QuickBooks. The thing to learn here is, know what your clients need and find your expertise.

How is this related to work-life balance? Well, a balanced work practice will resonate a balance home life. Thus, it is crucial to have a stable workflow that eliminates financial stress and provides satisfaction.

2. Create your clientele

Once you have made a foundation and discovered your niche, next is creating a client base. Be proactive in how you manage your client base, make your expertise your selling point. Target the type of clients you want, manage the messy ones, continue to acquire more — this is a certain way to ensure continuous growth of your revenue.

Another upcoming trend is to specialize in an industry, a vertical niche. A few firms do this, and they do it really well. For example, if you have many restaurants and cafes as clients, you can call yourself an expert for the restaurant business. This means you have a deep understanding of the work processes, budgets, and profits so that you can advise them for their business growth accordingly. Once you establish yourself as an expert in a particular area, people from that industry would prefer to be a client of your firm as you endorse better handling of their business process.

3. Priorities and Choices

It may seem difficult to achieve that work-life balance, with so much to be done and so little time. The primary thing is to clear your priorities. Do you really need another house? It is your choice to make your life smooth or keep it a constant struggle. Your priority must be to plan your life keeping in mind the daily activities and responsibilities — both at home and in the office — and weave your long-term goals in between. Financial trouble must not strain your daily life.

Achieving that sweet balance of work and home life is simple if you take the right steps toward effective management. Using modern technology like QuickBooks cloud hosting can save your time and money. Strategize your work processes and prioritize both home and work to get that balance.